I was very excited when I discovered the Zoltar resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas over the weekend. Big was one of my favorite childhood movies. I was hoping he could grant me some insight into my looming future. However, he only spit out some typically hocus pocus and asked for more money. Oh well. Today I’ve been thinking a lot out branding, brand imaging, and innovation. I have all of these ideas swirling around about possible careers, places to live, things to see, and even businesses I would like to open. To sum it up, my mind is a storm today. Rather than “brainstorming,” I am literally storming in my brain. I am supposed to meet a girlfriend for happy hour this afternoon to catch up. She is very fashion forward and unique. I always leave our get togethers feeling creative, so I am excited to be meeting with her during my brain storm. I’m still trying to get the hang of my blog life, as well. I want to make this cuter- any tips?? 

RissNori 🙂


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