Healthy.. <3

Hello Blogosphere! 

I’m still getting the hang of you but wanted to publish a post at last, anyhow. I am officially FIVE weeks away from graduation… AGH! I am also four weeks away from the big 2-5, so I want to dedicate my blog post today to health. I believe “health” is a state of mind, not just a physical means of measurement. To have a healthy mind stems from being physically healthy, in my opinion. Therefore, I have been digging around Pinterest a lot today. Needless to say, I feel like starting a marathon exercise plan and attempting a juice cleanse all at once! There is nothing like the power of images to spring motivation to mind. As I have stated previously on this blog, I was once a fitness aficionado, “back in the day.” Err… that would be years 20-22. I literally craved working out and eating healthy. I even got cranky if someone invited me to a junk food place or threatened to shorten an agreed partner-workout session. Eventually my girlfriends started giving excuses for skipping our workouts, with one finally explaining, “You are a freak in the gym. It’s scary.” It was and always will be my favorite compliment of all time.

Alas, the years passed by.  I moved to a different city, consumed myself with school and work, and began a new relationship. I can’t speak for all women, but for my body type, I require constant attention. I am very muscular when I keep up the good routine, which is easily squashed by one week out of the gym. The only thing that has ever worked for me is running- and I am in love with it. I also became a vegetarian a few years ago and that also contributed to my weight loss. Therefore, I have been back to running and (mostly) eating healthy. 

I enlisted the help of some awesome apps for my iphone that have helped keep me honest about my workouts and motivated: 

MapMyRun is great- it uses GPS to track your workouts, counts calories (based on an average), and keeps your times recorded. A must have for runners/bicyclists/hikers/walkers. 

MyFitnessPal- this app is a great food journal. You also track your workouts alongside your consumed calories and lets you know how many calories you have left, how many you have burned, and what you would weigh in a few weeks if you continued down this path. If only I could do this more diligently…

I’m also seriously considering the 48 hour cleanse from Dr. Oz as well…

I’m also going to start volunteering with a literacy program at a local elementary school and donating more often to Goodwill Industries. It feels good to help others, thus increasing my health! 

What are YOU doing to be more healthy?

Until next time,



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