Day One of My 25th Year

Today I am 25 years old.. So to honor this past year, I’d like to highlight some of my favorite moments…

I began my 24th year in my bed with my sweet carino singing Feliz Cumpleanos to me at midnight. A little confused, but super grateful for the healthy relationship that I had been in for a little over a year (2 and counting now!).

Then I continued the week since my birthday was on a Tuesday. I did celebrate on the weekend though with some of my AMAZING friends that I love dearly… I should mention we are all really great singers and enjoy expressing this through the ancient are of Karaoke. That’s me on the far left, belting it out with a fist in the air (my signature song move, pre-Jersey Shore Fist Pump). I would also like to mention if you recognize us from this photo, blog viewer, and you happen to be one of the three ladies we stole the mic from when you were attempting “Don’t Stop Believing,” I apologize. I’m not going to lie, I did have too much fun that night. But hey, you only turn 24 once. And to add to this, I never made it onto American Idol so that was my 15 minutes!

Onto the rest of my 24th…I went to Mexico to meet my boyfriends family for the very first time. It was a great trip! He’s from a beautiful small town nicknamed “Magic Town.” It’s beautiful and the people are very kind. I was a bit nervous since I am not fluent in Spanish and the majority of his family aren’t fluent in English, but you would be surprised at how much body language really comes into play during a language barrier. It turned out to not be a barrier at all- but rather, I think all of us equally trying hard to converse with each other bonded us. I also got very sick while visiting there and had to make a slight hospital visit- which further deepened our family bonding! LOL Below is a photo of us enjoying a day at the river. The bridge behind us leads to a beautiful area where the Mayans once settled. It’s guarded by high fencing that says “keep out, government property,” so of course we climbed the fence and went exploring.. it was magical.

While we were there, a tornado almost wiped out the small town I grew up in.. I’m very   thankful that my grandparents and mother were okay! After our trip to Mexico, we came back to America to enjoy the rest of summer! We enjoyed trips to the lake with our good friends Megan and Daniel. We attended every “Movies in the Park” event in our little area of downtown Little Rock and enjoyed long bike rides, compliments of my best friend, Dana, who was moving at the time and needed a place to store her bikes.. thanks again, Dana! My boyfriend and I also moved in together- which was a huge step for both of us, after having lived alone for so long. I can’t believe it’s been a year now. It’s been a lot of fun renovating the house and making “ours.”

The end of summer also marked the beginning of the last year of my undergraduate degree. The fall semester was full of 18 hours of classes and a full time job. October was my favorite month, as I am a huge fan of Halloween and the fall! I carved pumpkins and decorated, the whole bit. Even my sweet Leo was excited about it! Well…. not as excited as I was, but still he did enjoy the food.

The holidays came and went so fast! I enjoyed the time with my family and friends. I celebrated New Years Eve with my wonderful boyfriend, Bingjie (my friend my China) and Megan and Daniel. Megan and I were roommates back in 2005 during our freshman year of college. I’m so grateful our friendship has lasted throughout various moves and separations. We finally live in the same city again and I love it!

When the weather started warming up, I started working out hardcore again. I’m really trying to focus on my health and fitness for the new year. This brings me into 2012!! So far this year I have finished my last semester of my undergraduate, graduating May 19th, and I have just accepted a scholarship to attend graduate school in the fall. I am so excited to be earning my masters degree! I will be working on my Masters of Business Administration. After that, I am considering entering the doctorate program but with how often I change my mind, I suppose I won’t know for sure until about two to three months before I graduate from the MBA program.

So today, on the first day of my 25th birthday, I am happy, healthy, and feeling very Blessed. I was awakened again in the middle of the night by my carino, to wish me a happy birthday. When I woke up this morning, I took Leo for a run with me through my sleeping neighborhood. I thought about the things I wish to accomplish in this year. Mostly, I wish to not be as hard on myself as I usually am. I feel that once you turn 25, you are really and truly an adult. I want to focus on my spiritual and physical health. That being said, I want to handle stress in a more effective way, eat healthier, live happier, and just enjoy the present. I sometimes forget to enjoy the present, as I am usually worrying about the future. However, I realize what a waste of time that is, especially today. As most girls do, I had a “plan.” I wanted to be this and that by now. By the looks of the photo above, I am pretty sure I wanted to grow up to be a flapper. But what is life, really? I think we are meant to live in it day by day, not by following a map. No, I want to be in the present more this year. What will come in the future will come, regardless of my humanly planning. So cheers bloggers! Happy Birthday to me, and have a good day! Go out and be present 😉




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