When the smoke clears…


I am officially DONE with my undergrad!! I am now the proud owner of a B.B.A. It feels AMAZING. I am very happy to be on to the next chapter of my life, which is graduate school. For the first time in my life, I have a real plan. This is my short/longterm plan: 

  • Pass my GMAT next week with a 600 or better
  • Attend grad school (on scholarship!) 
  • Achieve my MBA by December of 2013 
  • Move to Austin for my Doctorate 

ImageGraduation day was so crazy and exciting… My wonderful family attended. I was so happy to see my mother light up every time she looked at me on the stage! The ceremony was about 1.5 hours and went smoothly. I could not stop smiling! Afterwards, the family and I went to Tokyo House- a super delicious japanese buffet in Little Rock. I’m usually weary of sushi in Arkansas, but this stuff tastes like they have their ocean on stock in the back. After we gorged on food (a family tradition), the family made their way back home. I went home as well to rest up a bit before my after graduation party! My best girlfriends did such an amazing job surprising me with the most beautiful party I’ve ever seen! My new girlfriend Erin is an event planner, and true to her title, she delivers a GORGEOUS party! There were flowers everywhere, adorable party foods (yes, even the food was elaborate!), and the best part… A LITTLE MERMAID CAKE! I guess I go off a lot more than I realize about my love Imageand admiration for mermaids… but anyhow, it’s good to know they listen. The night was filled with lots of laughter, dancing (I’m still sore), and a rehashing of my college days. My original roommate from my freshman year back in 2005 is still one of my very best friends today. We laughed and almost cried discussing my road to this point. It feels really good to have finally achieved this. This time last year, I would never have considered more school. However, now I’m setting my sites on “Doctor Noriega.” It just sounds so good! Now that the party is over, I am focusing solely on work and that GMAT exam I have coming up. I am fortunate to have a fun job that I love in Social Media Marketing, that allows me some free time (or time in between downloading and html code!) to study and blog. In my defense of free time, however, this blog is aiding my further exploration of social media 😉 Well I better get back to work for now! Until next time…




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