Summertime in Arkansas


Good afternoon, blogosphere!

I can’t believe it’s already June and summer is just a few days away. Arkansas is already swarming with mosquitos and heat waves. I have turned at least three shades darker, thanks to my hispanic heritage and no thanks to incoherent sunscreen. I suppose you get what you pay for. Some things on my summer bucket list….

  1. Attend Movies in The Park, every Wednesday night!  (Don’t know what I’m talking about, local reader? Check out their website! It’s a super fun and FREE event!)
  2. Shop for local veggies at my local farmers market on Saturday mornings.
  3. Cook more healthy meals- with those veggies from above!
  4. Get back into Yoga.. and meditating, and striving for that zen state of “being.” The heat here can make you a little crazy. At least, certainly irritable!
  5. Read, Read, Read… Everything and anything. Now that I’ve finished my undergrad, I finally have time to read for pleasure again. I’ve almost finished A Discovery of Witches, which is about a super hot vampire (I’ll never get sick of that storyline!) and a highly intelligent professor of alchemy, who is (little did she know) a witch. It’s a fun mystery/romance novel. After that book, I have Wild lined up, by Cheryl Strayed. I heard her interview on NPR a month or so ago, and her book was just placed on Oprah’s top reading list! 
  6. Take a Class… I believe you aren’t truly living if you aren’t learning something new. Therefore, I would like to sign up for a class this summer. I’ve been thinking about Ballet, since I would love to get into better shape and channel my inner Swan. I am also seriously debating this offer for new graduates from Rosetta Stone. It would be very cool to be fluent in a third language. I’m thinking French. 

Well I could go on, but that’s enough of a bucket list for now. I have no summer vacations lined up, in an attempt to save some money, so it should be a fairly relaxing summer. Although I am eager to move out of the south, Arkansas is a truly beautiful state. I’ve already been hiking and canoeing a few times this past spring, and the views are breathtaking. I am definitely excited to do more of this over the course of the summer. 


Until next time,


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