My Deep Affection for the HBO Show “Girls” and Girls Weekend

ImageHooray for Friday! It’s going to be a great weekend. I will be heading to the lake with a few of my gal pals for what will surely be a weekend of laughs, junk food, and gossipy celeb talk. Who cares if we are officially mid-twenties material? When it’s just me and my girlfriends, it feels like we are seventeen again. We get loud, silly, unfiltered. It feels good. I rarely do this, these “girls-only” trips. I am not quite sure why, but when I told my boyfriend I would be going, even he was surprised.

I recently became addicted to the show “Girls” on HBO. Haven’t watched it? DO IT! At first I thought, “yea yea yea… whiny college girl gets cut off by the parentals while she struggles to party it up in NYC.” Actually, I didn’t think that. This is my well rehearsed defensive pitch I give the responsible people in my life who ask me why on earth I would watch this show because it looks so terrible to them in the preview commercials. I quickly follow up this said defensive pitch with a “but seriously, you need to watch an entire episode…it’s surprisingly honest and good.” The thing is, I really identify with the main character (who is also the writer of this show) and her crazy spontaneous life. When I first left home for college, it was sort of like someone violently submerged me into a tub of blistering cold ice water. I had no idea how the “real” world worked. I was painfully naive about everything, even about the stuff I was already doing. For instance, I thought I knew what “drunk” felt like. I thought I had had my heart broken already. I thought I knew what a “true” friend was and was not. I thought I knew who I was and was not. I had made these boundaries and swore I would never…  I couldn’t have been a brighter wrong. That’s why I love this show- the main character is guided only by her next inkling of feeling and she’s just surviving to figure it all out. 

In the same moment that I love this show, I’m also silently thanking God that the unfamiliar part of my life is over. I know who I am now, or at least I have a pretty damn good idea. I’m still putting up with small things that I feel like I won’t be in my 30’s. I still let petty things get me down sometimes, and I make really ignorant mistakes every now and then. I punish myself almost daily with memories of things I deeply regret doing or saying. But that part of my life when I would wake up every morning thinking “What am I doing with myself? I have no idea about anything. Where is the vodka?” are over. Speaking of regrets- Can someone please finally come forward and just admit that yes, we ALL have them. For once? I’ll do it. I REGRET SOME THINGS.

Well, I survived! I do love my life now, but I don’t believe I got to this point by doing some of the stupid things I did “back then.” Anyhow, we are only human and can only do the best with what we have given ourselves. But back to my show, Girls. It’s also full of laugh-out-loud moments and friendship. The main character has a great group of girlfriends that are all so different from one another. I suppose most women can relate to this, and isn’t it awesome? I love the fact that my friends and I are all so different. Sometimes we clash on things, of course, but most of the time we offer up unique views that the rest of us haven’t considered. This is good for the soul. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to report back on the weekends’ turn of events! Also, don’t forget to check out Girls on HBO this Sunday.. after True Blood of course!



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  1. iwiwaocjay says:

    Yes we ALL have regrets. No one person doesn’t. Unless you mentally have something wrong. You just have to learn that it’s the past and that you are you but then again you may not be the same person you were back then. Don’t leg your regrets consume your life.


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