All Good Things…Must Start Again!


Good afternoon blog,

I had a tremendous work week last week. I had the pleasure of attending the 78th Annual Municipal League Convention in Hot Springs, AR with my “Construction Queen of the South” Mom. We networked like crazy for three days and nights. It was as much of a blast as it was exhausting. We rewarded ourselves at the end, however, with a nice hot stone massage at the Arlington Spa. If any of you haven’t heard of Hot Springs, you should check it out. It’s a beautiful little town situated between some of the cleanest lakes in the nation. It’s known for it’s natural hot spring water that flows freely into several pools and spas. There are other things to do in town besides spa and lake recreation. They also have a newly renovated casino and horse racing at Oaklawn. I enjoy sneaking away there for the weekend every now and then. It’s been so hot here lately, I’m thinking the water park there sounds pretty inviting…

Our booth at the 78th Annual Municipal League Convention.. hard at work!

I was beginning to doubt graduate school just as I received an email from the program coordinator, confirming my application for admission on Friday. I was very relieved! To be honest, I’m a nerd. I love school and learning something new. I feel at ease with a long schedule like school, as well. I know what’s coming and when. I used to be the opposite of this- it’s funny how much we change in just a few short years. 

Anyway, I will be taking Marketing Strategy and Accounting for Decision Making. I’m sure I’ll have a post about these later on, in case you are all interested haha! I’m excited to be going back to school though. No one in my family has achieved a Masters Degree, and it feels pretty amazing to be setting a milestone like this. But I don’t want to paint a picture of my family that portrays them as the stereotypical “uneducated Arkansans” that are so often depicted. I have some extremely intelligent people in my family, but we have experienced a lot of tragedy and hardships. My mother is one of the most intelligent business people I will ever meet. She came from literally nothing, went through everything you can imagine, and she is now in her 22nd year of business as the owner of a multi-million dollar construction company. To have even made it through 2008 to now with your business still intact is a victory all by itself, but she has decades under her belt. I have watched her nearly work herself to death though, which fueled my desire to get an education. I have so many interests in many different career fields, but sadly the family business is not one of them. 

I would love to be an Ambassador, living in another country. Or a Social Media Marketer, which is what I do now, for a successful business or person. Or working at a top five Public Relations Firm. Or owner of my own highly successful business operation. I want to live in Washington, D.C. for my career and in Austin, Texas, maybe to raise my family later on. I want to travel around the world and experience different cultures and food. I want to be trilingual. Someday, much much later on, I would love to own a vineyard and make my own wine. These are all dreams of mine, which become more real with every new thing I learn. Life is exciting and my favorite thing about it is that it starts over every single day. 

What are you wanting to start today? 

Love, C!


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