Hello, Again! (A repost from my previous blog, For Love and Veggies)

{Originally From 11/9/2012}

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

If you are just finding me, I would like to say a warm HELLO! And if you are following me from my previous blog, RissNori, thank you for continuing on to this one. But for now, here are some reasons you will love my blog and a little information about me:

As you can see, I have changed a bit over the years. I will talk a lot about this, since directly one- half of this blog will be dedicated to my quest to live my healthiest, happiest life! I love healthy food and simply being healthy. Ask me anything because health and food are my favorite topics of discussion, and I’ve been on the journey from very unhealthy to feeling great.  I understand the struggle and challenges!

I am engaged to this guy. He is from Mexico and came to the United States to play basketball. We met in college, where he was the star of the team. We are getting married December 22nd, after nearly three years of dating. We have an amazing rescued dog, Leo, who is the apple of our eyes. We are seriously obsessed with him. Rescues make the best kids. ❤

As previously mentioned, I LOVE FOOD. I also love to cook. Being Vegan in Arkansas is sometimes challenging but I have never felt better. My favorite vegan cookbook so far is Forks Over Knives- The Cookbook. If you haven’t watched the amazing documentary the cookbook is based on, DO IT NOW! Seriously. Stop what you are doing. Go home, go wherever, but watch this documentary. There’s a huge list of other awesome documentaries, compliments of Netflix, but this one is my very favorite. I will keep you all in the know about what I’m eating. I love to share recipes and find new ones, and more than that, I love pictures of food. Is that crazy? It just makes the recipe seem more possible .

But back to why I’m writing this new blog.  The title “For Love and Veggies” came to me when I was trying to write my wedding vows. My husband-to-be actually suggested we write our own vows, which yes I realize is rare and amazing! Our health is probably the largest component of our relationship, but for Alex, adapting to my food lifestyle was huge. He is from a culture where every.single.meal.has beef in it! Honestly everything. And if it’s not a sweet little cow, it’s a sweet little pig! When he came to America, where everything is processed and pretty much fake, he had a really hard time handling his hangryness (hungy+angry). As a traveling athlete who worked out around 8-10 hours a day, he ate whatever he wanted and it came mostly from a drive-thru. Then he met me. The first time he took me to dinner, it took him a few minutes to grasp the fact that I never eat meat. His reaction was shock, then confusion, then he sighed with a heavy “….. Americans.” HA! When we moved in together, he decided to try it. After we watched Forks Over Knives together, he officially converted. So now we are both lovers of healthy food, and enjoy cooking meals (mostly) together.

So, needless to say, For Love and Veggies is a healthy food blog, soon to be a healthy marriage and food blog. I’m very excited to share these adventures with you all and please feel free to message and comment away!

Until next time,

Carissa ❤


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