I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Hello blog world! I apologize for my very long delay… To pick up where I left off: I’ve been married for eight months now (how did time go so fast?!), I have successfully completed my first year of the MBA program, AND I’m still sticking to my super healthy eating and exercise routine. I’ll be catching you all up as I go along. We have a LOT to talk about!

First things first: THE WEDDING

****ALL Photos by: Kat Wilson****

Let’s just dive right in. I made all of my decorations by hand thanks to the creative universe that is Pinterest. I’m all about some Pinning. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest (at least follow my Free Time Mojo- lots of awesome DIY crafts!) here is my link:


A variety of sticks from Hobby Lobby
A variety of sticks from Hobby Lobby

I have always loved the idea of a White Winter Wedding. To me, it’s the safest bet for a sweat-free wedding in Arkansas, due to our extreme bi-polar weather almost year round. Alex and I decided on a venue and went with the only available date left, December 22nd. I pictured lots of sparkles, silver and white, and wanted it to be a formal occasion. Pinterest essentially became my wedding planner. I didn’t need one! I had all these ideas right at my fingertips… My wedding board held all of my ideas for decor, food, THE dress, etc.

DIY White Winter Wedding
DIY White Winter Wedding

One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying a nice glass of wine in good company. A few months before the wedding, I decided to recycle my bottles and ask friends and relatives for theirs (okay, truth be known, I had enough wine bottles from my own hard work and dedication to my wedding decor…) so I just spray painted them white with the cheapest white spray paint I could find at Home Depot. Then I found some lace at Hobby Lobby, spray painted it in a silver sparkle and a white sparkle and tied it around the bottles for more glamour. Since my mom literally lives in the “sticks” of Arkansas, we gathered as many as we could find, spray painted them with a glue and had a blast with some glitter. Glitter was everywhere! I loved how it all turned out though.

Side note: The sticks pictured in the first photo above are from Hobby Lobby. I mixed natural wood and various large-sized glitter and darker wood sticks. I also used this website, which you will spend hours on finding wonderful wedding decorations for half the price! Have fun!

Using iridescent card stock, a stamp and chalk ink, I made my own wedding programs.

For wedding programs, I wanted something simple and elegant. As the caption notes, I simply bought some pretty card stock paper, printed off my wedding program I created with Microsoft Office Word, and folded it in half. On the front is this stamp of a Bride and Groom smooching, the back said “All you need is Love” in another elegantly written stamp. The inside is pictured below:

I found this idea on Pinterest, and then edited the information and images to fit my own wedding.

The idea for this type of wedding program came from this photo. It’s so fun to play around with this idea to fit your style of wedding and season! Make it unique and make it your own. It also felt great to save money. These little pieces of paper can cost hundreds of dollars girls! Save that money for the real focal point of your wedding: The Dress!

Enzoani Wedding Dress

My dress is by Enzoani and I lucked out with this one! As a horrible procrastinator, I didn’t go shopping for my wedding dress until 60, that’s SIXTY days until my wedding. I had no problem with this. In fact, I thought this was totally fine. If you want to have some fun while shopping for your wedding dress, just tell the ladies helping you that your wedding is “coming up…… in 60 days” and watch their faces fall. Listen for the sound of rapid beating hearts. Then wait for their hysteria to kick in.. “Oh my God! What can we get in before that time!??! WHY did you wait?! What could have been more important?!” I’ll tell you what: The MBA program! My sanity! My procrastination! I knew things would be fine. I breezed into the third wedding dress looking spot in Little Rock and tried this beauty on. The extremely nice women helping me said they would be right back. I sipped the mimosa they gave me and visited with my two girlfriends that came along. I called my mom and said “I’m in love with this dress, but they will probably not be able to order it in time, so let’s look for one like this from now on.” Then a lady came back and said that she felt like this was made for me and offered to sell it to me for a discount, since it was the floor sample. Could they have been expecting a new line of dresses and needed to make room? It’s possible. But I saw it as a very nice gift from my dad, who passed away when I was 13 and used to talk about seeing me in my wedding gown when I grew up. My mom was still on the line, “Do it!” and so I became the proud owner of this gorgeous wedding dress. Here is the back:

Enzoani Wedding Dress

As mentioned above, my father passed when I was a teen. So, my amazing and wonderful mother walked me down the aisle to the man of my dreams. There was no one better for the job than my mom, who has been there for me at every turning point and knows me better than I know myself. I think she was more nervous than me and it was adorable! She started crying the day before the wedding and didn’t stop until the day after (Allegedly). I love you mom! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Enzoani Wedding Dress

And now I must give credit where credit is due: MY GORGEOUS HUSBAND! I love this man more than words can express. His idea for his tuxedo came from none other than…. James Bond. That’s right. Sometime before our wedding date, we watched Skyfall (the latest Bond film) and I fell in love with his tuxedo. Thankfully, Alex loved the idea too. Here’s our little thrifty secret: Black Friday! We found the entire suit at one of our favorite shopping spots, Express. But of course, it was going to be a pricey buy. So we waited until Black Friday when everything in the store was 50% off and went to town! Not only did he look devastatingly handsome, but we also didn’t have to mess with rentals and now he has another great suit to bust out on our next formal occasion.

My handsome husband!

Lastly, here’s a photo of our wedding ceremony. We got married at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. It just happened to be one of our crazy Arkansas weather days and the temperature outside was in the 60’s and the sun was shining like summertime. It made our wedding photos spectacular. A huge thanks to our photographer, Kat Wilson!

Photos by Kat Wilson
Photos by Kat Wilson
Photos by Kat Wilson
Photos by Kat Wilson

I hope you have enjoyed this post bloggers! I’ll be back much sooner, I pinky swear 😉




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