Part II: Welcome to 2015!

HELLO 2015!!!


I hope you all had a successful 2014! It is now the fifth day of our new year and I have high hopes that this will be the healthiest, happiest year yet! Instead of doing my usual list of what I can’t do this year, I’m going with these gems:

  • To be my healthiest self, every day!
  • To complete my Spanish courses and claim fluency (finally)!
  • To become a Health Coach


I left you last with my big move to Dallas, back in September. To sum it up, moving to the Big D has been both challenging and rewarding. For me, change is so uncomfortable. However, I have found the value in it. I believe that life is meant to be uncomfortable, so we continue growing and expanding as human beings. Believe me when I say I can suddenly find myself settled into a routine like no other. I can even eat the same thing every. single. day. and be fine with that! But then I realize, I’m just going through the motions. I want adventure, crave interaction, and I am my happiest self when I’m learning something new preferably in a foreign place.

Good morning, Mexico City!

When we first left Little Rock, I couldn’t imagine how I would find the happiness I found there in Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, there were LOTS of things that bothered me about that small city. Like the crime for example, two home burglaries and one car break-in claimed me as a victim. But the people I met will be lifelong friends, my husband and I met there and we adopted Leo (our rescued boxer mix) from a wonderful animal shelter. The arts, the food, the music and the scenery still remain a welcomed site when we visit. But we did find ourselves wondering if it was all as good as it gets. After almost a year of debating, we decided it was not.

El Fuerte, Sinaloa!

The first few months were hard. Living in a real city is tougher than it looks on TV. They don’t really show you the hours you spend on the freeway, taking deep breaths and trying to find your zen while a minivan almost side swipes you and a rude car of teenagers honk and flip you off. Being stuck in traffic has given me the most time to reflect. The people in cities aren’t interested in how you are doing, nor do they have the time to wonder. Striking up conversation is not going to happen very often. Oh, and everyone is in a HURRY! We hurry to work, hurry to lunch, hurry home and then start all over again. It was jarring to adjust to these lifestyle changes, but we are finally doing so! I think I’ve mostly learned all the nicknames for the major freeways here (there’s only about 15 different ones for the same road- HA!).

My Little Rock Lovelies!

To honor our adjustment to living here and starting to really love it, we traveled everywhere to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the New Year. We went to Mexico to see my husbands family, back to Dallas to celebrate with great new friends, then to Little Rock to say hello to our beloved and deeply missed friends, and finally to my mom’s oasis in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas. It was two weeks of wonderful celebration and lots of well wishing for the new year. When we returned to Dallas, we felt happy and excited to be back, and even more thankful for the changes in our lives.

We’re going to make it here after all ❤

I challenge you to make changes in your life. Give it time, see where it really works and enjoy the road!

Much Love,



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