Choosing Happiness

Happy Monday, Readers!


2015 has been a great mirror for me, so far.

I’m finding that things I assumed are not exact, things I have ignored have come to light, and I feel a great transformation beginning!

I haven’t said this in my blog, but I am currently getting my health coaching license through the Health Coaching Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m only a few months in and I am completely obsessed with everything I am learning! I have found my true calling.

When I was working in the corporate world, all I could think about was “Is this it? Forever? This is what I went to years of school for and what I have been trained across discipline for, so why am I not loving this?” I was terrified. No, I was waking up to the real life that I was meant to live for the first time. Maybe I was meeting myself for the first time, too. Have you been there before?

If you have read The Happiness Project, maybe you learned to see your life in a new light by way of that awesome book. I read it during my undergrad years and thought, “I can’t wait to be finished with school and just have a career to worry about! Of course I will be happy, because I will finally be using my education for its purpose!” I was naive about “purpose” and what it really meant to have a purpose in this life. We hear it all the time, right? Live your purpose, find your passion, etc., etc. Maybe we don’t hear enough about how to do that. At least I did not.

Enter my mid-to-late twenties crisis of self. I assumed moving was the answer to everything. You can read more about that decision in my previous posts. Assuming, as the Toltecs would say, goes against one of the most important agreements in life (The Four Agreementsto be exact.) I know this already, but does it stop me from doing this almost everyday? No, the answer is embarrassingly no. I do stop to realize I’m breaking an agreement and maybe that’s a great starting point! I choose happiness.

What do I mean? I mean, I choose to accept myself for who I am: a work in awesome progress. A compassionate person with a huge heart that wants to make a loving difference in this world. I make mistakes daily, but I am finally on my path. How do I know? Because I have learned to check in with myself.

NYC during Juno!

Do you check in? Do you stop in the middle of your day and ask yourself, “are you loving this? Why/Why not? What can we do?” This simple act can also be called mindfulness or you can go all the way with this and start meditating. Clear your mind. Stop the madness for five minutes and just be still. Listen to your breathing, relax and let go. When you are finished, look around you. If you don’t feel better after spending some alone time with yourself, discover why that is. Maybe something external is going on, or maybe you are hung up on how you spoke to someone earlier. Whatever it is, let it go and choose happiness. This can mean different things for everyone, and for me it means continuing to strive for that life I’m seeking.

I feel happy by getting on the correct path. But the journey to this path was not easy. It was more like using Apple Maps in a construction zone; I just kept making u-turns and rerouting. I also listened to others’ opinions of how I should live my life, much like listening to Siri direct me to roads that no longer exist. Clear your mind, listen to you and always, always, choose happiness.

For more tips on choosing happiness, please enjoy this wonderful article from Purpose Fairy. 

Love and Light,



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