Acne and Face Mapping

It happened last year, almost immediately after my 27th birthday…


Acne will be attending this party, later.

I was confused, self-conscious and very stressed about it. I wouldn’t consider myself a vain person by any means. I have no qualms about rolling out of bed and heading straight to Whole Foods in my yoga pants and workout t-shirt with no makeup on. Actually, I just described most of my Saturdays to you! But when I woke up one morning with what I thought might be a rash on my face, I suddenly felt as if every single person walking by was staring at me.

My acne started with several tiny bumps all along my jawline and over the course of a couple of weeks, it spread up my cheeks and into a beard. I’m not kidding- I had an acne beard. At the time I wasn’t taking any medication of any kind and I was working out constantly. I was also eating a mostly whole foods, vegetarian diet. I didn’t understand why my body was reacting this way, especially at the age when we are supposed to be overcoming most of the issues that plague our teenage years, right?!

Friends and family started to notice as my acne turned into cystic acne. My face hurt all the time and not to get overly dramatic, but it really threw me into some type of slight depression. I didn’t feel good most of the time. Then it was time for my yearly exam with my doctor… I had several ovarian cysts among other problems with my general female health.


As I dealt with the cysts, I started researching holistic health and discovered Face Mapping. The skin is our largest organ and a great communicator with our internal organs. It just so happened that where my acne was raging war corresponded with my hormonal imbalance and ovarian problems. So what did I do to heal?

My top recommendations for hormonal acne are the following:

Sleep You must make this a priority! While you are engaged in restful sleep, your body is healing and repairing itself. Aim to get about 7-9 hours a night. For more tips on achieving restful sleep, click here.

De-Stress I know this is a hard one. You must first understand what is stressing you out and why. It can range from your relationships, career, and finances. Take a look at those areas in your life and ask yourself the necessary questions. Why are you staying in this stressful situation and what can you do about it? I eventually left my stressful job and went soul searching for what I really want to achieve in my life. If you can’t leave your job to find a career that aligns with your spiritual being and sense of purpose, then try hard to change your mind about it. What can make it better? Maybe you can go for a walk in the sunshine at lunch or redecorate to feel more cozy. If a relationship or marriage is your stress point, ask yourself the same questions. My favorite ways to de-stress are shared in this article from Mind Body Green. Who isn’t plagued by financial stress today? I recommend reading anything by Manisha Thakor on finances. She’s a great resource to help you get aligned with your financial goals.

Eat Whole Foods Avoid sugar, caffeine, and processed food as much as possible. We all know this and have heard it many times, but if you want to really see a difference in not just your skin, but your overall health- give these bad guys up! I have switched sugar out for coconut sugar occasionally, because it is low glycemic. Other sweetener substitutes I use are raw, organic local honey or medjool dates (in smoothies or raw desserts). Coffee has been replaced by Green Tea or Chai Tea, much better alternatives that taste a lot better! You can also try an elimination diet to see if you have any food allergies that are contributing to your acne. Read the Face Mapping link above to learn more about acne and food allergies.

Water Drink more water! If you drink coffee in the morning for a jolt of energy, try switching to warm water and lemon. Lemon water works wonders on your digestive system and it wakes you up! Aim to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, which can also help you cut back on snacking. A favorite drink I like to take with me to work includes natural spring water, a few lemon slices, two strawberries sliced and a few sprigs of mint. It’s delicious, keeps your breath fresh, and the strawberries taste great after!

It has taken me about seven months to clear my skin up completely, aside from the acne scars left behind. The scars are getting lighter and fading more now, with the help of good exfoliation three times a week and maintaining a healthy diet with minimal stress! If you are suffering with acne now, I hope my suggestions will help you feel better and find the answer to the madness. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a more in-depth conversation about it.

Have a wonderful week friends ❤



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