My Weight Loss Tips

Happy FRIDAY lovelies!

I have a confession to make: I’ve gained about 10 pounds since we moved to Dallas. It snuck up on me, but I can clearly see it and feel it now. Time for a change!

Let’s investigate together, because I want to be honest and transparent with you. It is my dream to help others, and if my experience is similar to yours, then maybe you will benefit with me by trying some of the tips I will outline below.

Delicious Roasted Veggies are always a great idea!

Lower Your Sugar Intake

I’ve been digging deep into my research on sugar, both simple and refined. There’s a lot of information out there on this. We now know and accept that sugar is BAD and it causes many many problems in our bodies. But what about simple sugars from whole fruits? And what about raw, organic honey? There are many benefits to eating both of these, as they provide antioxidants and vitamins that are important to our health.

I’m siding with my bio-individuality on this. That is, what works for one person won’t be the same for me because of my environment, genetics, etc. What I know for sure is that my body isn’t performing as well with the higher sugar intake, even though it is simple sugars. So, I have cut back on sweetening things. I will use raw, organic honey sparingly to sweeten my smoothies now.

I have noticed after cutting back: things are beginning to taste sweeter naturally. This is because our taste buds adjust! Isn’t that great?! We can literally reset our taste buds to taste the full flavors of the foods we are eating. I was sweetening my smoothies with Medjool Dates, and while there are health benefits to dates, they provide too many carbs and sugar for my body right now.

*Tip: Be careful with dried fruit, a major culprit of sugar, and any beverages that aren’t water.

Balance Good Fats

And how about healthy fats? I can easily eat an avocado a day, but plugging that into MyFitnessPal app caused me to cringe. 200 calories in just one delicious, beautiful, gorgeously green avocado!? WHY GOD!?! Just kidding, mostly. We need healthy fats for our brains, which is made up of 60% fat! Low-fat diets actually lead to neurological disorders. My favorite sources of healthy fats include raw, sprouted walnuts, coconuts and avocados. So if you are reading this and you have been brainwashed by marketing to eat “low fat diets,” now you know!

I’ve scaled back on my avocado addiction, using just 1/4 of one in my morning smoothie and not snacking on the rest later. It’s a trade off really; I love toasted coconut flakes in my smoothies, which are also high in good fats. So, I use one or the other and try to balance it out with the rest of my superfoods.

Also, watch your portions when you eat nuts and seeds. Just a handful is a good rule to snack by! 🙂

Write It Down

The biggest eye-opener for me was plugging my food into MyFitnessPal and seeing how many calories I’ve been eating, relative to what I was burning off. I was really REALLY surprised by this. I recommend keeping a journal of what you eat, when you eat it, and how much of it you are eating! You may think you have a good idea of this, but you might be just as surprised!

I recommend using MyFitnessPal (<–click it to go to the website!) to track this, because it also gives you the nutritional breakdown of your foodl. You can set reminders to log your info, track your exercise, and see your ratio of intake and outtake of calories. The app is also free!

If you don’t want to bother with an app, just write it down somewhere. Keeping a food journal is a great tool to figure out many things besides weight control; you can also discover you have a food allergy simply by noticing you feel bad on certain days that you eat a certain food, compared to others.

Drink LOTS of Water

The body is made up of roughly 75-80% water. It’s extremely important to stay hydrated! If you struggle with drinking water, I recommend spicing yours up!

I love to add fresh squeezed lemon to my water, as it alkalizes the water and is great for your digestive system. It’s also a natural energizer. Try having a glass of warm water and lemon first thing in the morning and see if you experience the jolt of the citrus! Sprinkle in some cayenne pepper for a real awakening.

There are so many ways to liven up your water. In the spring and summer, I like to try different herbs and fruits in mine. Right now I am drinking a large mason jar of water with sliced strawberries, fresh mint, cucumber slices and lemon! Try different combos and let me know what you liked best.

My favorite water refresher!


Move and Relax

Of course moving your body will help you shed pounds and de-stress! Find what works for you and make sure it’s something you enjoy so you stick with it! I love to dance. I run mostly every day and some days are really difficult, because I sometimes don’t want to. However, I am always down to dance it out! Turn up some fun music and jump, wiggle, shake, and MOVE for 45-60 minutes to burn some good calories.

Make sure you are also not giving into too much stress. Stress raises our levels of cortisol and adrenaline and disrupts our hormones.

You may be hanging onto fat because of stress. Try breathing in and out slowly for 10 good breaths. Meditation and Yoga are also hugely beneficial. Just getting out of your office and walking in the sunshine for 10 minutes can greatly reduce stress!

Get out and enjoy your weekend, wherever you are! Sign up for something fun you haven’t tried before, laugh as much as possible and try to be present to enjoy every moment. Until next time!

Love & Light,



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  1. Drinking a lot of water, when you are not thirsty, will slow down your metabolism, which in turn, will help you to store more fat.


    1. RissNori says:

      Thanks for sharing! I would respectfully add that most people who are gaining weight are probably not drinking 8-10 glasses a day, which is recommended. I will certainly keep this in mind though!


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