Happy May!


How is your spring going so far?

I love this time of year. HappyMayThe color of everything renewed, the beautiful wild flowers everywhere, the new energy surrounding everything, and breaking out my warmer weather clothing makes me happy! It also reminds me that we live in a constant state of cycles and change.

With the coming of spring, my birthday is also around the corner… This year it is on Mothers Day! My sweet mother will be on a much deserved vacation this year, so we are postponing our joint celebrations. If you’re reading this from the beach, mom, I LOVE YOU!

I like to reassess what I’ve encouIMG_1689ntered during the year, before heading into a brand new one. I treat my birthday like my very own New Years Eve and New Years Day celebration. I like to say goodbye and start over. Honestly, I am happy to say goodbye to 27. It was a trying year for me! Though I accomplished quite a lot, I also didn’t accomplish what I had planned (as usual haha) and there were many, many changes that occurred physically and emotionally.

I started 27 with a health issue that I am still not totally out of the dark with, but getting closer by the day! I was also very stressed. I finished my Master of Business Administration degree, which I will call my greatest accomplishment of 27. The highlight of the year was definitely going to Italy with my amazing husband. When we returned, we decided to leave our community of great friends and family for the big city of Dallas, Texas. It’s been an adjustment, to say the least!

I have learned a great deal during my 27th year. I have mostly learned that the saying, Wherever you go, there you are…is quite true. I have learned that your happiness is what you IMG_1522make it! New scenery will not change what lessons you still have to learn. I think the lesson I am meant to learn right now is to BE truly in the present. To be still. To live in the present, and not in thoughts of what life could be…

And that is what I will carry with me into my 28th year of life. I will treat everyday as a brand new day and live in it. The only goal I am going to set for myself this year is to continue to grow my business, Lighted Wellness, because I truly feel compelled to help others and the world. I welcome this brand new chapter, and I thank God that I am here to live in it.

Have a wonderful weekend friends ❤

Love & Light,



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