Carissa 2.0: How to Reinvent Yourself


It’s been a moment friends, and I hope you are all doing well!

Recently I have been pondering what the next great step in my life will be. I feel ready for a great change and shift to take place in my life. With the news that I am not able to have children, my husband and I have experienced a few revelations of late. We are 28, living in a city we aren’t crazy about, and while my husband has been focusing on his career and advancing at warp speed, I continue waiting for my bright “aha!” moment. I’ve decided it’s time to take matters into my own hands.


Let me first begin by saying that as a student working towards my bachelors degree, I did NOT envision my life to be going like this as I approach 30. When I go back to read to old blog posts, I had bigger dreams for my career than what I am currently living.

“I think the first step in making a grand change in your life is being honest with yourself.”

If I’m being honest with myself, I have felt very lost, professionally speaking. Growing up, I have always excelled at school and enjoyed learning new things. I’m interested in many different subjects, which is why it took me years to complete my first degree as I frantically kept changing my mind. I started as a Broadcast Journalist, then moved on to Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, and finally settled on Public Relations/Marketing. When I say I settled, it was more like I realized I was going to be a real life Van Wilder (minus all the parties) if I didn’t just commit to something. The problem is that I could really see myself in every profession. Know what I mean?

Enter Social Media Marketing in the workplace a few years ago and suddenly I was eager and excited to fulfill a career in that. I’ve been working with small businesses and large corporations on numerous facets of social media marketing, including content writing and digital brand management. After getting my MBA, I was sure I would land the perfect job at a digital agency or one of the major tech companies out there. I have yet to do that, and it’s been a tough pill to swallow. Some days have felt like an utter blow to my confidence and ego. All the while, however, I have been working on side projects to feel fulfilled, even starting my own small business in something I am deeply passionate about in my personal life– health and fitness, Lighted Wellness.

For a while I was set on doing what I love most as a means of making a career for myself, which is health coaching. And while I fully intend to continue helping others with their health and wellbeing, I refuse to put the pressure and demands on my small business to fund my life completely. My passion of helping others has never been for financial gain, but solely because I find joy in helping others. I am still here if you need me.

So back to how I’m going to live my healthy and happy life. I’ve decided to reinvent myself! It’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of work, and ultimately I will find balance, abundance and happiness in my career. This is my game plan, please feel free to join me and share your experience in the comments section!


This question will be posed to everything and everyone in my life at the moment. Is this shirt working for me? Is this city working for me? Is this relationship working for me? Is this task working for me? Is this feeling working for me? Is this schedule working for me? You get the idea. Make a list of what is and what is not working for you (making you feel amazing, confident, successful and happy) and eliminate what’s not going well. Visualize the person you want to be, or the job you want to have, or the relationship you are seeking. Is there anything in the way of achieving that? If so, whatever it is, it’s not working for you! Phase I will lead to the next step: elimination.


I believe in abundance and the power of clearing space for more things to work in favor of you and me! We are precious beings and our time here goes by far too fast. There is no logical reason to waste it on things that aren’t working. I’m donating clothing that doesn’t make me look or feel amazing. I’m reevaluating “friendships” and relationships in my life that aren’t supportive and positive. I’m changing my schedule to give myself more time to focus on my health and fitness and what makes me happy. I would love to hear what you are eliminating below! After elimination, you should feel free, lighter, and have more room in your life to fill with things that make you happy, confident and successful!


Now that you know how hard the process of elimination can be, it’s important to be more cautious of what you allow into your life from this point on. You should have more time now, but that doesn’t mean you should sign up for anything and everything. Choose the things that will advance your life. Sign up for a networking event if it opens the door for you to make successful acquaintances. Place value on everything. Filter the things coming into your life and make sure they align with your core values of living a healthier and happier life. Trust your intuition, always.


And now for the rest of your life, right?! Ha! If only this process was as easy as that! It’s important to maintain balance in your life. It is inevitable that we will tip the scale from time to time with too much work, not enough exercise, too much exercise, not enough romance, etc. That is life. But, remember to check in with yourself periodically. Be honest and open with yourself and your support team. Be open to abundance and always, always trust your intuition. Value yourself and respect yourself enough to make yourself a priority in your busy life. I believe we can have it all: success and happiness. Here’s to finding ours. Welcome to your version 2.0, friend.

Love & Light,



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  1. Andi Smith says:

    Thinking of you my friend! Right there with ya when it comes to waiting with open arms and waiting for a shift to come on. It’s at the point where I feel it, but not quite sure what “it” is. Know what I mean? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely going to share this post with others.


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