My Thoughts on the Super Blood Moon Eclipse and October Intentions

October intentionsLast Sunday was a wonderful, magical night! The stars and planets aligned for a spectacular performance. For me, it was the end of a season and very long year. We moved to Dallas exactly one year prior, and it hasn’t been an easy adjustment. We gathered our blankets and snacks, along with Leo and a new friend we’ve made here, and set out for the beautiful show. We laughed and scared each other with all the stories going around about what this super astrological and planetary event could mean for the future of civilization, but mostly I felt this event was an awesome new beginning.

I love new beginnings. This is also my absolute favorite month of the year! October represents the perfect time of fall. The leaves are just starting to ever-so-slightly change shades, the air is cooling to a crisp, there is an abundance of fun events happening everywhere, and being outside is glorious! I also love Halloween and pretending to be something magical for a night. What is your favorite thing about October?

To mark the start of a brand new beautiful month, I want to set my October intentions! Setting intentions are a great way to hold yourself accountable for the positive changes you are making in your life. It’s good to keep them at the forefront of your mind. It’s important to always make them realistic and something you will be able to achieve, in this case, by the end of October. I often have the same intentions over and over, but I love the act of committing to something good for me. If you do this exercise, have fun with it! Don’t forget to add something that will bring joy into your life. Here goes!


To Blog Twice A Week

I love sharing what I’m up to with you all! It is my goal to bring more success to this blog in order to eventually turn this into a podcast, and eventually the big leagues– web tv! My dream job is to help others enjoy their lives more, by healing and finding their own path to happiness. But, in the spirit of keeping this realistic for now, I will blog twice a week. 😀

To Eat 80% Whole Foods, Plant Based 

When I eat this way, my skin is clear, my body responds better to exercise, I sleep great, and I just feel great overall! But life happens sometimes and I find myself eyeing those cookies a coworker put in the kitchen at work. Or it’s someones special event and I want to enjoy it with them. Or I would just really enjoy a muffin with my chai tea latte at the coffee shop while I work on this blog. Also, it’s October and I love pumpkin everything (guilty)! To stay focused on my health goals and not miss out on the fun, I commit to eating whole foods and an abundance of veggies 80% of the time. That leaves me with plenty of room to enjoy the festivities! I believe eating this way gives me great success, because I’m not banning anything from my diet. I’m simply saying that other foods will be special and treated as such. Who doesn’t love being special, anyway?!


To Get Outside Every Weekend

This won’t be hard to commit to at all! It’s already cooling off in Dallas and I’m looking forward to the many outdoor fun activities going on! I also love eating meals in the park. I commit to eating at least two meals outside over the weekend. Last weekend, we stayed outside as much as possible. I prefer to get my Vitamin D naturally and under a beautiful blue sky. There are also many football games I plan on attending, (WPS, come on Razorbacks!), and many fall festivals. What fun things are you doing this month?

I hope you have a wonderful first day of October!

Love & Light,


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