Setting Intentions & Honoring Your Word

It’s been a very busy week! I recently set a goal to blog twice a week, and I mean business with my goals. Today my day job was very stressful, but I knew in my mind that no matter how late I worked today, I would honor my goal to commit to this blog. I started thinking about my intentions behind doing this. I intend to be successful. I intend to reach millions of people one day, and I know this is the starting line…This beautiful word “intention” holds such a powerful meaning. It means holding yourself accountable to your goals, forming a bond between your present and future self. Let’s explore this.

What do you intend to do with your life?

Intentions are magical. Intentions manifest your dreams. Setting intentions for what you want to achieve will serve as your guide to reaching success! Intentions precede actions as a foundation to everything we do, feel, and say. Sometimes our actions aren’t aligned with our original intentions. Have you ever said something to someone that came from a good place, but sounded the opposite? Do you wake up in the mornings intending to exercise that day, but don’t follow through? Remember: You have the power and control over your life. Setting your intentions is exercising that power, and setting the scene to follow through with it. I am tired, but I’m following through. Do your thing, Universe!

I am an emotional eater. I intend to eat healthy and exercise daily, but my actions would suggest otherwise at times, particularly when I’m feeling stressed. There are days that I must take my intentions one at a time, using my own personal roadmap to steer myself to successfully aligning my intentions with my actions. Don’t feel discouraged when you step off track. We are human and it’s all part of our journey.


How do you want to live your life? What goals and dreams do you have? What does success look like to you? In your journal, write it out. Build your own personal roadmap to the life you are seeking. You can also create a vision board to help with this task. Start small, with simple things you can achieve in the short term, and take it as far as you wish!

Tips for Intentions

Start small! Take everything one day at a time, starting with the present. Make sure your intentions are realistic and stretch yourself as you progress. As you begin achieving your intentions, you will begin to feel the major shift in your life when you realize you are capable of so much more than you might have previously thought. You are more amazing than you even realize. I believe we all have a powerful gift within us. When we allow ourselves to honor that, to find our voice to bring it out into the world, we can change the world for the better.

Love & Light,



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