How I Created My First Free Program for Health Coaching

I recently wrapped up my first free program for my health coaching business, Lighted Wellness! I made new friends, gained a few more clients, and more importantly, I helped twelve beautiful, inspirational women get the start they needed to achieve their health goals. By recounting what steps I took to build my program and how I followed through with it, I hope to see ways in which I can improve for my next free program coming up in the next two months.

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I have never done anything like this before, and I started out a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. I am currently enrolled in a wonderful health coaching program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition out of New York City. This program has changed my life FOREVER. Before enrolling, I went through a very difficult time after graduating with my MBA and not having any idea what career I was passionate about. Through two wonderful friends, I found IIN and now here I am! This program has not only taught me about nutrition and countless dietary theories; it has also equipped me with a full library of resources on how to build my own successful health coaching business.

When I started my business back in April, I quickly realized it can be difficult to get clients to immediately sign up with a “health coach.” I would venture to say that most people in the South are not familiar with this concept of discussing their health history, sharing their fears about their health, and building a strategy with someone who is not their doctor, on how to achieve their goals. Side Note: My health coaching wonderfully compliments your yearly exams and checkups! To build my client base, I started putting myself out there with this blog, my website, and my social media channels. To draw potential members in, I ultimately decided to offer them a chance to see what working with me would be like.

create your outline

I started out by thinking about the common problems my target demographic have. We are career women who live busy lives. Somewhere in the in-between, we have gone off course with our health goals, or maybe some of us never had to think very much about them. But now, we have acne or we’re bloated, we’re always stressed, we aren’t sleeping well, and we can’t seem to lose weight–despite working out and eating “healthy” most of the time! We’re confused and frustrated. I am my demographic, if you didn’t already know from reading this blog! So I created my first free program to address all of these topics, opting to go for a general, all encompassing program that would span 21 days, the typical time it takes to form new habits.

choose your client channel

To find clients, I had to bring them in with engaging content that would catch their attention, and also gain their trust. Since I live in a new city and know relatively few people, I decided to seek new clients online. I decided to market to my potential clients on Facebook, where the majority of my target market spends most of their day. I named my program 21 Days of Lighted, hopped over to Canva to create my ads and promotional materials, and set to work on spreading the word!

Follow Through

This was the hardest part for me. 21 days is a long time. That’s a lot of material to cover and remain engaging and original. I decided my free program would include a Facebook support group where everyone could chat about their progress, questions, and goals during the program. The program itself would be a newsletter emailed to each member of the group everyday. There were days when I didn’t feel very well and just wanted to sleep. But I believed in myself and my desire to help others and being accountable came first.

Follow through on your goals, even when you don’t feel like it. The rewards are worth it!

Analyze the data

Numbers aren’t the most exciting thing to me, but I loved analyzing how many clicks and opens I received throughout the program. I used MailChimp, which takes care of the number crunching for me, and leaves me with a beautiful picture of how the program faired with my members. I am so proud of my group! They were extremely committed throughout the 21 days, which is not easy given their very busy schedules. I maintained a 75% average open rate throughout the program. Since the industry average is 20.6%, I was thrilled! There is another key performance indicator that is extremely important: conversion rate. After the program, I had two clients sign up for one-on-one health coaching with me, giving me a conversion rate of 16%.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.01.09 PM

In conclusion, I discovered many things about myself and my business during these 21 days. It was a lot of work, and at times I was unsure about myself. I got great feedback that I will take with me into my next free program coming up in November! What programs have you tried for your business? How are you finding your clients, health coaches?

Love & Light,



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