Acceptance and Allignment

What you are seeking is also seeking you

I’m happy to report I’m back on the blogging wagon after a bit of a hiatus that started last winter. I took some much needed time to align my life with the path that I really, truly wanted to be on. That’s no small feat, but the work and effort has definitely paid off!

During this process, I discovered that writing was escaping me. Writers block is a very real thing! So I went with it, because I choose to live my life with the least amount of resistance and started journaling and reading instead.

I picked up some books I’ve had on my bookshelf for an embarrassingly long time; their covers calling out to me when I needed them most. I started with Gabrielle Burnstein’s May Cause Miracles, which opened my eyes to the ego and helped me work on strengthening my mind. Next I read Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver, and it honestly changed my life. I followed up with  Big Magic by the awesomely genuine Elizabeth Gilbert, and then all of the sudden doors began opening that I didn’t think were possible.

You see the thing is, when we turn the light on inside of ourselves, we brighten everything around us. If you are feeling stuck, as I was sort of feeling, then I highly recommend unplugging and working on your own light for some time.

I discovered a lot about myself during this time. For example, I truly don’t want to spend my life at a desk in a cubicle all day long. I worked hard in college, achieving a BBA and MBA, but the corporate office gig is not for me. Neither are digital agencies, as I discovered while being screamed at by a disgruntled middle-aged alcoholic with a handlebar mustache during one of my last attempts at a career in Dallas. As he rudely demanded that I repeat back to him all of the awful things he had just said about me as he counted them on one red, sausage fingered hand–I thought for a moment about what my future looked like. Would I become this man in another decade in this job or industry? Am I happy? Should I try to help this person, because he looks like he might have a heart attack right now… And then I decided that I didn’t have to participate in this horrible, aggressive encounter. I handed him my badge and simply walked away.

I gave myself permission to start deciding this in all my daily encounters. I accepted that this was not the path for me, though I had spent almost a decade working towards the exact position I was in. I turned inward to find my real calling. As a health coach, it should have always been obvious. But as a human being, aren’t we always doing this? “Do as I say, not as I do.” “Those who can’t do, teach…” And so on. I explored other things I love to do, and travel surfaced heavy in my mind. I applied with a large airline that travels all over the world and is known for their awesome customer service and fun employees. I took a chance… and the Universe had my back.

When we align with the Divine, we can lead a life of fun and adventure, passion and happiness. But when we allow the fear of what others will think of us or a fear that we are not enough, guide our lives–we are enslaving ourselves to someone else’s idea of the best life. Go find your own best life and focus solely on that. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you all.

See you in the skies,

Carissa ❤




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