Springtime in Boston

I recently moved to Boston as a newly hired Delta Flight Attendant. I love it here, though it is completely different than any other place I’ve lived to date. The sights and sounds can become overwhelming at times, but then I’ll stumble across a scene as beautiful as this one:

Boston Public Garden

Growing up in Arkansas ingrained in me a love of nature. As much as I couldn’t wait to leave that tiny state behind when I first moved, I find myself recounting its true beauty and charm to others on almost a daily basis. Nature was something desperately missing from my previous address in Dallas, TX. Everything there was flat, concrete, and either under-construction or brand new. Simply not for me!


But back to beautiful, historic Boston. It’s been cold and rainy until lately. Everything is now a vibrant green and the breeze is still crisp with a promise that warmer weather will be here soon. I can’t believe I now live in New England, and I’m very grateful for this journey. After spending almost every weekend either working or finishing our move, Alex and I decided to get out and enjoy this city over the weekend.



PIZZA & WINE……………………… Locale in North End

JUICE & SMOOTHIES……………Pressed in Beacon Hill (Get the Charge for an extra boost of energy before you spend the day at the Boston Public Garden!)

PARK……………………………………The Boston Public Garden 


What’s your favorite part of Boston? Let me know in the comments! Wish me luck tomorrow as I start my first round of Access Days at work. I’ll be on call for any flight that might need me. Here’s hoping I end up in Europe for a few days!


Have a wonderful Monday,

Carissa ❤



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