Holy Summer Flying!

Ladies and gents…


I am exhausted beyond measure, but I’ve seen some incredible places in these past few weeks. From the beaches of southern California to the gleaming skyscrapers of New York City, I have been walking along streets filled with open markets or crammed with lots of tourists. I’ve flown on airplanes so full it seemed someone would surely have to sit in a lavatory for the duration of the flight. I’ve looked into the eyes of numerous young children partaking in their first solo flight as they crossed the country to their other parent or guardian for the summer and then back to school again. I’ve missed countless birthday parties, wedding celebrations, family get-togethers, my sweet, handsome husband, and my extremely lovable pup, Leo.

img_5032BUT… I am living the exciting, adventurous life I used to crave from behind a cubicle or from a desk in school. While I still miss school (forever nerd and addict of continuing education courses), and I’m not focusing as much on my health coaching business at the moment, I’ve decided to savor this crazy gypsy life. I truly believe I am where I am supposed to be at this moment. I have, however, gotten a little off track with my health routine in the midst of this busy summer, but I’m resting for a few days now and slowly getting realigned. With fall around the corner, summer flying is coming to an end. Here are some of my favorite highlights. Enjoy!



I love California. The incredible beaches, hills, mansions, movie sets, vineyards… they have it all, don’t they? I flew to LA on my own the first time, then brought Alex back with me on my next trip out. We spent a Saturday touring Hollywood and Beverly Hills with one of those pesky touring companies that drives right past celebrities private residences. I was secretly hoping to see someone flip us off and then chase down our van proclaiming “Who’s that girl in the white dress?! She’s perfect for my next movie! Wait! Come back!” But alas, my future stardom is still in the future. I love you, LA LA land.




My House of Cards obsession is now complete with a great visit to basically the entire intro to the show. I flew here with two girlfriends from work and we had a great time walking from site to site. Okay, in all honestly, they had to drag me out after a torrential downpour majorly bummed me out and I decided to seek refuge in the hotel gym and run it out. The Jessica Alba look-a-like doesn’t take no for an answer, refusing the leave the treadmill until I agreed to go get ready and meet them back in the lobby. Love you forever, Jessica Alba!



Another great trip with girlfriends! I had never been to Amsterdam and had only heard about it’s loose laws around drugs, prostitution, and it’s love of bicycles. After our van ride from the airport to our hotel, I was grateful to see it’s beauty in the sleepy hours of early morning. Rolling hills of green, windmills in the distance, and flowers everywhere greeted us. The girls and I enjoyed walking all around the city, stopping mostly to eat (dutch pancakes, stroop waffles, chocolate, cheese, oh my!), and taking in an X-rated museum (when in Amsterdam) and the Red Light District. We wanted to tour Anne Frank’s home, but the line was literally three or four blocks long. Next time!







Yeah, I live here! I couldn’t leave her out for my highlight on summer though. Boston is beautiful, charming, and so unique from neighborhood to neighborhood. While the T can drive me absolutely mad sometimes (seriously SL4, what’s the holdup?!), I have found that the more cities I visit, the more I can’t wait to get back to my quaint and easy to navigate Boston. I cannot wait to experience my first fall in New England this year! I have so many things on my list to see and do, including Salem, pumpkin patches, visiting the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard… It’s going to be wonderful.



Happy Fall, my favorite time of year! I can’t wait to share photos of beautiful New England this time of year. Keep following me as I strive to post more regularly.


Carissa ❤




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