Live Your Life

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out after my last post about my sweet grandpa. I sincerely appreciate your kind words. I believe exposing our pain is a very courageous act and a necessary part of healing. After my post, I spoke with a few friends who have gone or are currently going through a similar situation and we can now lend an understanding ear to one another. We so often forget that we aren’t alone in our grief, nor are we expected to get through it completely alone.

Being honest with yourself about your true feelings is a great start to living the life YOU desire. Say no when you mean no, and say yes when you are nervously excited about something. Do things you can’t believe you are doing. Say things straight from your heart and believe in them.


I flew to Los Angeles a few days ago while on “reserve” if you will. With my airline, we only have six days a month that we are on call for the airport. I typically go to Europe on these days, but it was fate that I got my early morning LA trip. Two wonderful things happened that I know are of no coincidence (I don’t believe in those anyhow).

First, I discovered during those nearly six hours on the way there that my flight leader is a therapist working with young women who are healing from childhood trauma and abuse. She has a vision board and recently opened a beautiful private practice overlooking the ocean in New England. We shared our favorite book recommendations and inspirational leaders we admire. We talked about our own lives and I told her about my desire to help women, which led me to start my health coaching business last year, Lighted Wellness.

From this conversation I’m gathering that the Universe is leading me further along my path, and now I’m researching becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Through this endeavor, I could finally open my dream: a Lighted Wellness Center. If it’s meant to be my course, I believe I will find a way.

The second thing that happened that I could not ignore as a Universal Sign occurred on the way back to Boston. One of our passengers stopped by the galley to stretch his legs and looked me straight in the eyes as he said, “You know what? Life is so short. You have to LIVE. YOUR. LIFE. You have to LIVE while you are here. I just lost an old friend to opiate addiction and now I’m going to LIVE.” I could see the pain in his eyes and also the determination to never take a single breath for granted again. My flight leader and I spoke with him for another half an hour.


I called my mom and grandma the next day to see what they thought about my plans. They are both deeply grieving the loss of my grandpa right now, in different ways. Together they are the strongest women on this Earth. I’m counting down the days until I can get back home and make them laugh. We talked about ideas for my Lighted Wellness Center and when we would all be together again at the end of the month.

In short, be open for the signs you receive in your daily life. Listen for the guidance being given to you in the form of strangers or anyone along your path. What is in your heart? Sometimes we need a few hours away from screens to just be in the moment, where we can discover that.

Love & Light Always,



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