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It’s become a hot word for marketing health food products today, but as you can see, the concept of nutrient-rich, nutritious powerhouses has been around for centuries. Walking the aisles of any health food stores today, you can easily become overwhelmed. There seems to be a superfood for every letter in the alphabet, and it’s hard to know which one is best for whatever condition you might have or want to prevent. It’s also difficult to imagine supplementing every single one on a daily basis.

Cacao Spirulina Bites with Dates from Whole Foods

As a health coach, I have experimented with different superfoods for years. I have also recommended different superfoods to clients for differing reasons. For example, if a client has a hard time increasing their leafy green intake, I recommend adding organic chlorella or organic spirulina to a morning smoothie or snack. I also take these powders with me while traveling if I can’t access a good amount of leafy greens on a trip to ensure I’m getting the many health benefits of leafy greens.

Over the years however, I have figured out which superfoods I keep stocked in my own pantry at all times. They are delicious and easy to add into oatmeal, nutmilks, smoothies, shakes, etc., so that I’m sure to get the needed nutritional value of them. Personally, I have worked hard to overcome a difficult hormonal imbalance and lower my risk of certain cancers that are genetic. For some of my clients, their main reasoning for adding nutritional supplements and superfoods has been to aide in digestion, improve sleep, curb their caffeine habit, and lower anxiety and stress. Luckily, the same superfoods that I use to balance my hormones also help with lowering stress, improving sleep, and feeling more vibrant. Isn’t it interesting how so many conditions are rooted along the same vein?



Cacao is my number one superfood, not only because it is delicious (hi-five, chocolate lovers!) but also because it is extremely high in antioxidants that make me feel unstoppable. Here are a few to boast about:

  • Highest plant source of iron (a vegan/vegetarian MUST)
  • Contains more calcium than milk (it’s also NOT acidic like milk)
  • Natural anti-depressant and mood elevator (because, CHOCOLATE)

Read more awesome benefits of Cacao here.


Maca is second on my list, because I love to run long distances. Maca was most known to me as a superfood for endurance, but upon further research, I discovered that Maca was great for so many other things!

  • Great source for Vitamins B, C, and E; zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron
  • Boosts libido for men and women
  • Helps balance hormones and improve skin (and it’s really helpful for women who suffer from PCOS)

Read more on the benefits of Maca here.


Chia seeds are extremely easy to travel with, as they can simply be added to water with a little lemon or lime for a nutritious dose of omega 3’s, protein, and fiber. I always pack them with me for days that I fly over twelve hours, to help curb my snacking while keeping me hydrated and healthy on the go!

  • Great for digestion, due to their large fiber content (also good while traveling as stress can hinder our digestion)
  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • Fights cervical and breast cancer

For more awesome benefits of chia seeds, read here.

What are you favorite superfoods? What have you found works best for you and your lifestyle? Have a great week!

Love & Light,



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