Bucket Lists & Acts of Kindness

bucket-lists-acts-of-kindnessWhat a week! I just wrapped up six “adays” which are my monthly assigned standby days. The last two days were about fifteen hours long, though I got to fly with some great friends that made it fun! Needless to say I was a walking zombie by Saturday. Since I’ll be working a lot these last two weeks of February, the husband and I decided to Netflix and Chill for most of the weekend.

Two of the shows I’ve been enjoying, each with inspiring themes, are No Tomorrow and The Kindness DiariesNo Tomorrow is a lighthearted romantic comedy-drama that is focused on discovering how you would live your life if you knew the world was ending in under a year. Get the Bucket Lists out! In the show, the main character keeps a list of all the things she has wanted to do but has been too afraid to try.

How many of us are actually doing what we are passionate about? How many of us are holding back on an idea we’ve had for a long time? How would you spend your time if you knew it was running out?

The Kindness Diaries explores how much good there is in the world, highlighting acts of kindness big and small across the globe. I believe that kindness can heal the whole planet. Think about it: if we were each kind to everyone we came across on a daily basis, there would be no wars, conflict, hunger, poverty, or crime. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my job as a Flight Attendant is to take nothing personally, be it a cranky customer or a less than friendly coworker. Who knows what circumstances are at play with their current mood, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with me. But I can take the opportunity to help them turn the day around! Sometimes just a smile and a warm greeting is all someone needs to feel better.


What small act of kindness will you try today?

I hope this posts inspires you to live a more authentic and kind life. Let your beautiful light shine!

Love & Light,






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