A little about me

I’m a creative, passionate, health conscious entrepreneur and flight attendant for the best airline! I enjoy traveling,  writing, singing, cooking, and discovering new hobbies and places.

A little about my skills and hobbies

I’m all about relationships and helping others reach their goals. I am passionate about helping others, traveling the world, and maintaining positive relationships. My hobbies include cooking, running, singing, and reading everything from Fast Company to Deepak Chopra. My favorite book is The Alchemist.


Health and Wellness Coach, Licensed Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2014

MBA, Marketing and Business Management University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2012-2014

BBA, PR and Advertising University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2009-2012

let’s work together

I’m always up for a good collaboration! I enjoy public speaking, networking, creating fun and uplifting content, and making new friends. Contact me directly at rissnori@gmail.com.